Credits & Links

Let us not forget all others who contributed to my projects or those who are similarly inspired by this great medium. Here you'll find a credit listing and links to other video-game-related blogs. Included is information on how to contact me.

  • Thanks to not only for hosting my meager Castlevania site but also for being the source of a few of my posts' screenshots.
  • Thanks to Jeremy Parish and the Retronauts crew for its continued celebration of the medium's history and everything I've learned from them.
  • Thanks to the Super Adventures in Gaming Blog and Strategy Wiki for the Final Fantasy II / IV screenshots.
  • And, of course, thanks to all of the game companies (Atari, Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Sega, and many others) and the developers who have contributed to my life all of the wonderful games and experiences that have helped me connect with others.

  • Retronauts - This is the main hub for the long-airing podcast Retronauts, whose themed shows focus on old or classic games/series plus any number of related topics like game music, peripherals, magazines, and movies.
  • GameSpite - This is the main blog of Jeremy Parish, who was mentioned above. Here you can find Jeremy's thoughtful, well-written writings covering the industry's past and present. The site is also known as Toasty Frog, Telebunny, Frappy Monkey, Loathsome Carrot, and whatever else.
  • Chrontendo - This is the base of operations for Dr. Sparkle, whose video-based Chrontendo series chronicles every Famicom/NES release in order of release. His other terrific series include ChronSega and ChronTurbo, which chronicle the Master System and PC-Engine, respectively.
  • Anatomy of Games - The second of three Jeremy Parish sites, this one analyzes the game design behind certain games/seres by breaking down their core components (basic mechanics, level design, and a game's general progression).
  • VGJUNK - An 80s-gamer does some video-game archaeology and digs up games as termed classic and obscure.
  • Game Boy World - This third Jeremy Parish blog intends to chronicle every game ever released for the Game Boy. Each dedicated page includes the history behind the game, an overview, scans, screenshots, and a link to an accompanying Youtube video.

Find Me
  • You can visit my Castlevania site, Mr. P's Castlevania Realm, and look at all the neatly arranged tables and some stuff about monsters.
  • You can contact me via e-mail at "Who still uses that service?" you ask. I'm not sure. I think it's just me and some other guy.
  • You can provide immediate feedback on my Twitter page, where I notify followers of site updates and occasionally drop in to discuss important topics like how many times I hit my elbow on the door frame today.
  • If you prefer an open discussion, you can leave a post on my site's forum, which has about as much activity as any theater showing a Ryan Reynolds film in its second week.
  • You can yell out the window and say, "HEY, YO!" I probably won't hear you, but your neighbor who sleeps on his front porch all day will surely appreciate it.

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