Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blog Update #1 - A New Hope

Hello to the two or three of you reading this! If you've been around since the start, you've probably noticed that I've tidied up the place a bit, adding an oversized header image and tabs for a more-organized archiving system. I'll be adding additional imagery to the sidebar and such over time.

These changes exist partly for the sake of a better presentation but more so because I'm going to expand my original vision to include different types of written works like articles, general opinion pieces, reviews (my own personal brand of inspection that I'm going to call "Examinations"), and more. This decision was made because I feel as though I have much more to say about the games than what's been written in my "Memory Bank" posts; that is, rather than continue to force in every thought I feel compelled to relay (which has the effect of making some of these posts come off as more review-ish than I'd like), I'd like to put them in their proper place. In the future, Memory Bank posts and "reviews" for specific games will probably be posted in tandem, serving as accessory to one another.

So I hope everyone is enjoying what's been posted thus far and that I've hit all the right nerves. I'll resume posting when I get home, which should be Monday or Tuesday.

Until then, stay wild.

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