Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blog Update #3 - Rehash of the Jargon

Never mind the ten entries seen just below this one. 

No, really--don't even scroll down there. I mean it.


You went and looked, didn't you? 

Oh, well. If you took more than a peek, you've probably noticed that listed are ten games that were already covered in what I was calling "Quick Hits." It seemed like a good idea at first to lump together games that were less-resonant or entailed a history with fewer notable bullet points, but I didn't like how it was turning out in execution. Continued as such, some major, highly impactful games would have been listed among those supplementary simply because I didn't have enough non-specific memories of them. Really, I'd prefer to keep the games separate for archival purposes, since I have plans to link together chronicles, reviews and addendum-type material.

I'm not abandoning the concept completely as much as I've made a slight change: For those 5-game sets that were tagged to be "Quick Hits," I'm going to instead feature them in bursts--one daily over the course of a 5-day period. You'll see the first example of this tomorrow.

Of course, the standard entries will continue to appear at their usual 5-7 day pace.

Also, your winning Lottery numbers for today are 6-9-8-2-7-6-3.

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