Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blog Update #6 - Conducting a Summer Tradition

Before I begin the update, I'd like to mention that I put up a new entry for Mega Man 7 last night. You can view it by clicking the link or simply scrolling down a few pegs--whichever of the two is less physically taxing on you. Trust me: You'll be needing the energy if you hope to persist in inching that scroll bar down the five mile's worth of page that awaits you.

Otherwise, this is just me checking in to inform you that it's time for my yearly mid-August break, whence I head up north for a week or so and join with family for the usual birthday get-togethers. Sorry to keep breaking up my posting schedule like this, but real life insists on intervening (to be fair, these excursions are great for counteracting the burnout I've been feeling lately). If you're a regular viewer of this site, you might to start checking back sometime around--oh, say--August 24th. Don't hold me to that, though.

The burnout stems mainly from covering in detail the same games I've been endlessly ruminating about for over 20 years. In that sense, I agree with the sentiment as expressed with Jeremy Parish, who intimated that thinking or writing about games that you know too well grows boring and eventually becomes an anchor. That's why I'm anxious to clear my Memory Bank list (which is still fairly long, mind you) and move on to talking about new games and experiences via those Unearthed Treasures and Rediscovered Classics pieces plus others that invite the same kind of excited anticipation.

And since I've got a little bit of time left over, I'll fill some space by reaffirming my short-term goals for this site: As mentioned, I hoping that I'll have cleared my Memory Bank list within a year's time, after which I'm going to go back and fix/update my earliest pieces, since they're now woefully insufficient in light of how the site has evolved. I'm thinkin' that I might update the first 20-25 entries (excluding Rygar, which has already received the treatment), all of which were written at a time when I was trying to keep my thoughts as succinct as possible. Well, that's obviously out the window.

In following, my focus will shift more toward writing about older games--from a variety of platforms--and chronicling my experiences with the new games I'm currently playing (I wanted to do so sooner, like with Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Box Boy!, but the Memory Bank stuff has been such a time-sink on its own). Oh, but I'll still be sprinkling in plenty of memory-related pieces in the form of "Bite-Sized Memories," which I've reserved for games about which I have one or two outstanding memories. So don't worry about that.

As for what awaits in the far-flung future: Who knows? We'll discover it together when we get there.

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